Set a follow-up

Setting up a follow-up is pretty straight forward and can be done by

  • button click
  • context menu
  • shortcut

Set a follow-up via button click

Once an e-mail is opened in a new window or in a new tab or is displayed in Thunderbird's message reading pane, there's a button "Follow Up" shown in the message's header area. Just click "Follow-Up" top open the dialog for creating a follow-up.

Set a follow-up by context menu

Within the reading pane as well as in Thunderbird's message list you can open a context menu with a click of the right mouse button. At the end of the appearing context menu are the available actions for the installed AddOns. To open mailmindr's dialog for creating a follow-up, click "Follow-Up", right next to the mailmindr flag symbol.

Set a follow-up by shortcut

You can also open the dialog for creating a follow-up with a shortcut. For technical reasons the shortcuts are different for each operating system:

  • Windows: [Alt] + [SHIFT] + [1]
  • Linux-Derivate: [Ctrl] + [SIFT] + [1]
  • macOS: [CMD] + [SHIFT] + [1]