Release Notes

Here you find the release notes for all mailmindr versions.

mailmindr 1.5.0 (2023-02-07)


  • introduce double click on entry in alert dialog

Bug Fixes

  • add labels for shortcuts
  • dark mode and checkbox issue when setting a reminder
  • fix problems when the unread or flag status for a message is set on a due reminder

mailmindr 1.4.0 (2022-08-12)

Bug Fixes

  • re-enable the global icebox folder additional to the per-folder icebox

mailmindr 1.3.0 (2022-06-28)


  • native support to open a message in new tab or window: this fixes stablity for Thunderbird versions v91 up to v102
  • set icebox folder per account: set an icebox folder per email account

Bug Fixes

  • background colors in popup and dialog: for some users the background colors in the dialogs and popups led to unusable color schemes
  • open message by headerMessageId sometimes failed
  • set-follow up entry in context menu was not localized

mailmindr 1.2.2 (2021-11-30)


  • cannot open message in Thunderbird 78 from message overview
  • Follow-ups were not removed from the list of follow-ups
  • styling glitch for dark mode in overview list

mailmindr 1.2.1 (2021-11-22)


  • mailmindr can be used up to Thunderbird version 96.0, for higher Thunderbird versions an update is required

mailmindr 1.2.0 (2021-11-22)


  • Set a reminder without showing an alert dialog when due


  • Improve stability when moving messages to icebox
  • Open message directly from the overview list fails sometimes
  • Styling issues in reminder overview list

mailmindr 1.1.0

That was a good chunk of work. mailmindr is now available in German and is also fully accessible via keyboard shortcuts. I've also added a context menu, to make it easier to set a follow-up when other extensions like Thunderbird Conversations has removed all the buttons to set a reminder. And in the end I also added a new icon. Do you like it?


  • mailmindr is fully accessible via keyboard
  • German translation
  • "Dark mode" support for darker color presets
  • Set Follow-Ups via context menu


  • Performance issues when a follow-up is due
  • Fixed an issue when opening a mail message via follow-up doesn't work
  • Fixed an issue when mailmindr doesn't start on Thunderbird startup

mailmindr 1.0.0

Whop whop, mailmindr 1.0.0 is a full rewrite just for Thunderbird 78. On the downside, mailmindr isn't compatible for Thunderbird 68 anymore and has a reduced feature set.

Why is that? you might ask. Good question. Thunderbird 78 introduces a new way for software developers like me to write Thunderbird AddOns (now renamed to "extensions"): up to Thunderbird 68 all extensions have full access to the user interface, to all emails and to all files on your computer. This security risk was addressed with Thunderbird 78 by "sandboxing" all extensions. This means, that extensions have only one way to "talk" to Thunderbird to access emails and other functionalities via a new introduced API, and all access to data outside of Thunderbird is strictly blocked. You, the user, have to grant access to all the extensions' requirements like "access to your address book", "read/write access to all your emails" and so on. This might be annoying, but gives you, dear user, control over your privacy.

Why is mailmindr asking for full control and wants to access all files on your computer? That's another good question. When there's a new access control system which is blocking all the access to all your files and data on your computer, why is mailmindr asking for full access to everything on your computer? Well, there's a downside with a strictly controlled access to Thunderbird. Some functions might not yet be implemented in the API by the core developers of Thunderbird, so they implemented a way for extension developers to create new features which are not covered by the API on their own. These implementations extending the given API are not checked by the Thunderbird team upfront and you, dear user, have to grant access for each extension implementing new features which are not covered by the API. As these features can be everything, from reading or writing files to your computer to adding just a simple button in Thunderbird, these extensions are asking for permissions for the "worst case scenario": full and unrestricted access and to your computer.

mailmindr adds the functionality to just open a mail. As the API doesn't allow opening mails (only reading a mail's contents, move or delete them), this step was required to open a message from its Follow-Up. So when installing mailmindr you will be asked to give "full access to your computer".