Privacy policy

The safest way to keep your personal data safe and sound is to not collect or to store them at all. That's the reason why mailmindr's website does not collect any data. The only exception is the bare technical information your browser is sending to the server(s) in order to navigate through the internet.

The server which mailmindr's website is running on collects the following data:

  • your IP address
  • the timestamp when your browser fetches a web page from mailmindr
  • the URL of each of these pages
  • the browser version of your webbrowser
  • in some cases the web page which links you to the page you want to look at (referrer)

What's happening with this data?

No worries, this data will only be collected to find malfunctions and to generate a rough report about the usage of the website. The latter can be helpful to make mailmindr even better. So here's an example how this could work out: when I see in these reports that a specific page which explains a mailmindr feature has been visited a gazillion times, then maybe the feature is too complex to use so people have to look it up how they can use it. I'm able to fix this in one of mailmindr's updates by redesigning the feature and rethink the existing approach.

Is it even legal? No cookie banner?

How could this be? There's no cookie banner! Nothing, not even a warning! Are there any cookies and you're just not telling me? Nope, it's better than this: there are no cookies. This is called data minimisation. As explained above, the collected data is only the data which is necessary for the server to operate.

If you think that this is wrong and that mailmindr's website is setting cookies or is collecting more data than it should: get in contact.