Report a bug

Each mailmindr release is tested carefully on several systems. Currently the list of tested operating systems is Windows 10, macOS 11, Ubuntu 20.04 and Linux Mint, each one in it's TLS (Long Term Support) version, if available.

But of course it's not possible to find every bug on every system with all possible combinations of different installed AddOns, used themes or different e-mail providers.

I found a bug

Please send a description of what exactly had happened and what you've expected to happen to hello (@), along with the following details, if known:

  • the operating system you're using, please refer to the version number, even on Windows
  • the used Thunderbird version
  • how many follow-ups you've created (approximately)
  • how many e-mail accounts you've set up (approximately)
  • the rough number of e-mails in the folder where you've set the follow-up