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// Current Status.

Update May, 23. 2019

mailmindr v0.9.0 is out, check out the mailmindr for Thunderbird download page

Update April, 29. 2019

Unfortunately, the update is still not available. While I have a strong respect for the people at Mozilla, I have also the urgent need of my users in mind.

Therefore, I will make mailmindr also available for direct download. Check out the mailmindr for Thunderbird download page.

Update February, 14. 2019

I pushed an update to Mozilla for a final code review. From this point it depends on Mozilla - when they reviewed it, the release will be available at the Mozilla AddOn page.

Update February, 10. 2019

Currently, mailmindr isn't compatible with Thunderbird 60 and Thunderbird 64. Right now, I'm working hard on that. An update will be available within the next weeks.

Update February, 3. 2019

Good news: on sunday, Feb. 3., 2019, mailmindr ran stable and without major bugs on Thunderbird 60.5.0. A huge Milestone is reached. I will continue testing this week and after some minor bugfixes the release will be send over to Mozilla. 🚀

Why does it take so long?

I'm working on mailmindr only in my free time, which means, that I spent hours of work in the evenings, on weekends or on holidays to keep mailmindr up to date. The result is mailmindr, which is free to use.

What's next?

For the next time there are some features planned (beside the next update for compatibility):

  • Ongoing updates for future Thunderbird releases
  • Synchronisation across devices
  • A new website
  • Documentation
I spent an unbelievable amount of time for the project. To keep mailmindr up to date I have to follow up with the Thunderbird development, search for documentation, read source code of Thunderbird, code, test. This is very time consuming, and it's - speaking of my computer and the server - sometimes also consuming money.

// Support mailmindr.

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