mailmindr is an extension for the email application Mozilla Thunderbird. mailmindr is the tool for setting reminders and follow-ups on email messages since 2009.

What is mailmindr doing?

Set a reminder on any email message and mark it as unread. Or Flag it. Or just show the reminder dialog when on due date and time. You're a big fan of "inbox zero* and no messages should be left in the Inbox? mailmindr can move the messages you want to be reminded of to a separate folder and move them back when you want to be reminded.

How can I use mailmindr?

Thunderbird 78 and beyond

Check out the manual page for further assistance.

Thunderbird 68

The most recent version of mailmindr for Thunderbird 68 is verison 0.9.4. If you're looking for this version (or older) you can checkout list of all mailmindr versions.

How can I support mailmindr?

If you would like to support mailmindr you can choose from Patreon, PayPal or simply by having a look on my Amazon Wishlist and buy me something neat. If you think mailmindr is just useful for you but you don't want to support with a donation? Spread the word and just leave a comment and a rating on mailmindr's extension page or on mailmindr's facebook page.