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IMPORTANT NOTICE: it will be likely that the mailmindr version which is available for download on this website is more current than the version available on Mozillas AddOn page. Unfortunately, Thunderbirds auto-update mechanism only checks against the Mozilla page, so if you want the most current version, you have to check manually by visiting either this website, or our facbook or twitter channel. Thanks!

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v0.9.1 is current

mailmindr v0.9.1

  • Feature: show notification when a mindr is set
  • Fix: calculation for text representation of relative timespans ("Tomorrow", "Today", etc)

Download mailmindr 0.9.1

mailmindr v0.9.0

  • Feature: set reminder when mail is shown in separate window
  • Feature: show reminder's notes

Download mailmindr 0.9.0

mailmindr v0.8.2

  • Bugfix: star/flag messages on reminder due date

Download mailmindr 0.8.2

mailmindr v0.8.1

  • Bugfix: setting reminder via context menu on selected mail

Download mailmindr 0.8.1

mailmindr v0.8.0

Fixed compatibility issues with newer Thunderbird versions in order to make mailmindr compatible. No new features.
To speed up work on compatibility, the resubmission for outgoing emails was temporarily removed.

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